Events Calendar - 2005
Speaking Engagements
Feb 22-24, 2006
Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference - San Francisco, CA
David Zembower, Ph.D.: Building a drug discovery outfit from within a biology or chemistry focused company
March 13-16, 2006
Drug Discovery Technology, Europe - London, England

David Zembower, Ph.D.: Discovery and development of DG-041, a selective EP3 receptor antagonist for treatment of peripheral arterial occlusive disease

April 9-12, 2006
BIO 2006 Annual International Convention - Chicago, IL

Peter Nollert, Ph.D. (Workshop leader): Advances in membrane protein production

April 9-12, 2006
BIO 2006 Annual International Convention - Chicago, IL

Mark Gurney, Ph.D.: (BioForum Presentation) Medicinal Chemistry Colloborations

April 24-25, 2006
CHI Difficult to Express Proteins - Boston, MA

Craig Sterling: Enabling Technologies in High-Throughput Crystallography

April 24-26, 2006
Protein Science Society of Japan - Kyoto, Japan

Lance Stewart, Ph.D.: Information-rich design of expression-optimized synthetic genes

July 17-19, 2006
International Conference on Organic Process Research & Development - Vancouver, Canada

David Zembower, Ph.D.: Process development of DG-031, a phase III clinical candidate for prevention of myocardial infarction

August 7-10, 2006
Drug Discovery Technology U.S.A. - Boston, MA

Mitch Friedman, Ph.D.: Non-Clinical Support of Drug Discovery

October 22-26, 2006
International Conference on Structural Genomics - Beijing, China

Lance Stewart, Ph.D.: The NIGMS-NCRR PSI-2 Accelerated Technologies Center for Gene to 3D Structure - ATCG3D